Week 13

How far along: 13 weeks pregnant

How big is baby: the size of a peach

Best moment of the week: People reacting the way I both expected and wanted them to react. Tears? Advice? High pitched girly screams while you jump up and down and make a public scene? Not into those. Quick hugs? A smart-ass remark? A fist bump? Ya, those I can handle.

Food cravings: So much McDonalds. And bacon. But at this very second, I would kill for some melon medley juice mixed with coconut water (my “weekend cocktail”).

Symptoms: Mid-day nausea, headaches and migraines, inability to stomach cruciferous vegetables or carbonated beverages.

Gender: Boy? I feel like my body has been going out of my way just to spite me, and that something a young boy would do.

What I’m looking forward to: Warm enough weather to wear dresses. The disappearing-reappearing bloat is not a fan of waistbands.

What I miss: that week of vacation when I could sleep when I was tired, eat when I was hungry and go to the bathroom without having to leave the office, climb a set of stairs and walk halfway down a hallway, only to discover it’s closed for “cleaning” (which when you return 10 minutes later you can’t tell it’s happened).

Husband perspective: “Excited, but totally stuck on the names thing”

Week 13: Pancakes, not baby

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