Week 15

How far along: 15 weeks pregnant

How big is baby: Naval oranges (which is my favourite fruit these days)

Best moment of the week: Sunday afternoon, when I was feeling great and got a lot accomplished

Food cravings: Chocolate. In all of its forms

Symptoms: Oh my goodness the bloating. When will it stop!

Gender: Still boy. Being biologically female, and growing up without any brothers, I have a certain general fear of young boys and bathroom habits. I spent my weekend sighing every time I went into the bathroom thinking: “I will be stepping in pee for the next two decades”. Please tell me their aim isn’t as bad as I fear!! (and yes, I realize if that’s my only fear, that’s really not so bad)

What I’m looking forward to: the hot fudge sundae Scott promised to buy me if I go grocery shopping with him.

What I miss: Beer. Specifically green beer. Even more specifically green beer at the student union bar in my undergrad days

Husband perspective: Babies can’t learn the fundamentals of Access development. Also, eating too many apricots will give them red hair.

Empty space of wall where bookshelf used to be

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