Week 16

How far along: 16 weeks pregnant

How big is baby: Avocado

Best moment of the week: Prenatal yoga… a little more “granola” than my usual preference (I have a green heart centre? Wait… baby has one too??” But being able to move for two days without pain? I can see that green heart centre glowing.

Food cravings: hot fudge sundaes

Symptoms: Mood swings (“This apple won’t cut! The world hates me!”) and paranoia (“what if I get a double chin? You can’t have short hair and a double chin”) and generally feeling “thick” (no one tells you the first stages of the bump are just gas. Then no one tells you the second stage of the bump is just your intestines). But on the plus side, I know it’s intestines and not baby, because the Wee Baby Seamus sometimes lets me know when he’s moving.

Gender: Had a couple of days where I thought it could be a girl… but the minute my parents dropped off all kind of unexpected boxes full of girly things from when I was a kid, I knew I’d have a very masculine boy. (And yes, I will still dress that baby boy in the dresses, because they’re damn cute)

What I’m looking forward to: Doctor’s appointment tomorrow — it’s heartbeat day!

What I miss: Sleeping through the night

Husband perspective: It’s a little frustrating because there’s not a lot I can do, so I think about things I can do. Like fix up the house. And think about things I like. Like comic books.

Intestines vs. baby

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