Week 19

How far along: 19 weeks pregnant

How big is baby: Mango. Apparently that’s bigger than a sweet potato? My local grocery store produce section begs to differ. Maybe heavier?

Best moment of the week: It’s been a boring week. The wee one was pretty active Friday which was fun, but very distracting when sitting in a performance review. Oh, and dancing up a storm to the Backstreet Boys as I was typing this up

Food cravings: This kid wanted coffee this week. I’ve never really picked up the coffee habit, so that was a weird one.

Symptoms: Some random nausea was back. That was unexpected and very lame.

Gender: Still girl. Maybe because my blog world hasn’t had a baby boy in a while. And there have been a lot of babies in the last few months!

What I’m looking forward to: a long weekend! (Not that we’re going to get anything accomplished)

What I miss: the ability to DO stuff. We discovered our basement shower has a couple of leaks that the previous owners ignored and so we have mould. Normally, discovering this on a Saturday afternoon would have meant spending the rest of the weekend demo-ing the wall. Instead, it meant arranging for a weekend for me to move in with my sister so Scott can demo the wall.
Husband perspective: We’re having a baby! And we’re going to call her hopscotch! And we’re going to play Legos!

Second Supper is Misleading

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