Week 20

How far along: 20 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a banana

Best moment of the week: how massively happy the baby was (I assume squirms and kicks are signs of happiness) to get back home after a weekend away. I hear ya, baby!

Food cravings: Over the weekend: ham (which I got to eat plenty of… thanks Mom!) Now: fruit to counteract all the sodium.

Symptoms: Still the stupid nausea. And grumpiness.

Gender: Girl, but possibly because “baby girl” is a shorter nickname than “the wee baby Seamus” (reference). Scott’s been oscillating more than me. Yesterday it was a boy, today, it’s a girl.

What I’m looking forward to: All the awesome fresh produce we bought today. I am allowed one treat every time I go grocery shopping with Scott (yes, we resort to bribery in our house), and today, to compliment the mango for tomorrow’s mango lime chicken, the spinach for smoothies, the strawberries for snacks, I went with a pear.

What I miss: Taking compliments at face value. Now, a “you look so cute today” could mean “your belly is so cute” or “your outfit is so cute” or “you look cute despite your belly” or even “your outfit isn’t entirely appropriate for the situation but you can get away with it because you’re pregnant”. Yes, I miss my slightly less paranoid point of view.

Husband perspective: Banana? It’s more like a boomerang, and I can handle that. But when it gets spaghetti squash? Man, that thing has mass!!

Feeling like an elephant

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