Week 25

How far along: 25 weeks

How big is baby: Length of a zucchini, which is scary for anyone who grew up with a garden full of zucchini, and happened to go away on vacation during harvest… those things can GROW!

Best moment of the week: After taking a more relaxed approach to the weekend, I was actually able to play with my niece and nephew… including picking them up and tossing them over my shoulder. It wasn’t until after the gym on Tuesday that my joints went “Really? You think you can do that?”

Food cravings: For the most part, sweets. I’m sustaining cravings, so now it finally makes sense to add something to the grocery list because, chances are, when we buy it, I will still be craving it. I consider that a good thing.

Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks… yay? I like to think of myself as a bit of an athlete so I appreciate the need to train. But can’t I train on my own schedule? I spent a good portion of an hour standing at my desk working one day, because that was the only way my stomach would relax.

Gender: Is it misandry if I go with boy because this kid is annoying me this week and boys are more annoying?

What I’m looking forward to: We booked our hotel this week for our little getaway. No where fancy or exotic, but it’ll be nice to get away and spoil myself a bit.

What I miss: Honestly? This week it’s living in an apartment. Working up the energy to tackle the garden this weekend.

Husband perspective: She can react to light?! Through skin?! She has x-ray vision!
My face matched my skirt
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