Week 28

How far along: 28 weeks

How big is baby: According to the internet, 14″… which is the size of screen I’m typing on right now. That might explain why my stomach is starting to feel very cramped. Then again, the doctor told me yesterday Minkus (as we are calling him this week) is measuring a little scary small, and I’m torn between chanting “grow grow grow” to my belly, and thinking “seriously? He’s supposed to get bigger than this?”

Best moment of the week: I think we had a really great Father’s day. Right, Scott? Even with my lackluster lemon chicken? And my “ooops! I forgot! And didn’t follow the recipe apple crisp?” It’s all about keeping the bar low.

Food cravings: ALL OF THE FRUIT! With Minkus being a bit of a shrimp, lots of nutrient rich foods will likely do him good, so I’ll be indulging in this craving.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams. Like wake Scott up in the middle of the night to comfort me crazy.

Gender: Despite dreams of having a girl (named Kate, after the Ben Folds Five song, who I then abandon minutes after birth), we’re using primarily the male pronoun.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting a LOT done next weekend. Hee hee… poor Scott. He doesn’t know this yet.

What I miss: Energy levels are falling off again. It’s likely because it’s been a crazy week at work. We have three major “happenings” in June, and usually they are spread out. This time, they all kind of fell right at the same time and in very close proximity to needing time off for doctor’s appointments and blood tests (when this post goes live, I’ll be doing my glucose tolerance test… yay?).

Husband perspective: So the kid is no longer covered in werewolf hair? Where did it go? Are you peeing it out?
Fighting over rib cage
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