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Week 34

How far along: 34 weeks

How big is baby: Whatever the fruit/vegetable comparison is, I feel much larger than it.

Best moment of the week: This was the weekend of friends. Friends over for supper… friends meeting up for breakfast

Food cravings: Watermelon.

Symptoms: Sleep is becoming a huge issue. Even if I get 8 hours, they’re not restful.

Gender: Daily, I get asked “When are you due?” followed by “What are you having?” My instinct is always “Mid-September” and “A baby” because boy or girl is so little of a concern of mine I forget that’s what they’re really asking, but I think they still find my answer a little insulting. Right now, I think it’s a girl, but *shrug* each has its advantages and disadvantages (and I’m finding myself really wishing my 5-year-old theory that puberty is a time when we switch genders was right… give me a baby girl, but dear god, I don’t now what I’d do with a teenage girl).

What I’m looking forward to: The long weekend. I have at least one day off every week for the next 3 weeks (and then sadly my final two weeks are full weeks, and unless the baby is actively trying to escape me, or my doctor insists, there’s no way I get a break those two weeks), and I’m finding I’m needing the extra down time. Granted, work wouldn’t be so crazy if I wasn’t trying to fit 5 days of work into 4 days. But hopefully, I’ll take advantage of my coworkers offers to help out, and learn to resist my martyr complex.

What I miss: Having a better read on whether I’m getting emotional (ie: angry) for a legitimate reason, or whether the hormones are just getting to me. We had our windows installed on Friday, and anytime we came across an issue over the weekend, we joked “that’s what happens when you’re the last installation before a summer weekend.” But then once we discovered we were saying that A LOT, I felt my blood pressure rise, my head start to pound and my eyes start to water (every emotion comes out as tears for me — regardless of whether I’m pregnant or not). Scott tends to under-react to major problems, so I can never tell if it’s all in my mind or whether it’s something worth acting on, in comparison to him. I hate having to spend the time debating whether I am angry for legitimate reasons, or whether my anger just the raging of a pregnant hormonal woman (or worse, that I’ll be angry for legitimate reasons but people will brush it off as hormonal raging). Sadly, this time it was a legitimate reason to be angry (but still made Scott approve the email prior to hitting send to make sure the hormonal rage stayed in check).

Husband perspective: Stressed. Mostly because you keep screaming: “34 weeks” at me. But also just stressed.


Week 34

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Week 33

How far along: 33 weeks

How big is baby: I’ve read the size of a jicama, or the weight of a dorian fruit, and I have decided that our grocery stores are not giving us enough produce options because I have no idea what either of those are

Best moment of the week: Getting to be part of the interview process for my mat leave replacement. I feel for our HR department — there are 7 of us going on mat leave within weeks of each other. Why, yes, it was the coldest winter on record since 1898… why do you ask?

Food cravings: All things sweet. And of course, I ran out of watermelon, strawberries and raspberries — the “treats” I allow myself — before the weekend started. Fortunately, I happened upon a sale on cherries… all is now good in the world.

Symptoms: Oh my goodness the migraines. I know that they are VERY short lived in the grand scheme of things, especially now that I know the warning signs and how to treat them (See fuzzies. Take 2 Tylenol. Drink as much water and eat whatever food seems palatable. Take a walk. 30 minutes later I’m “fine”… but fully expect to spend the evening sleeping on the couch). But, knock on wood, it’s been a record number of days since the last one, so maybe I’m doing something right!

Gender: In fetus form, definitely male. But when I think that this fetus will be a baby in the next 5-9 weeks, I picture a girl. 

What I’m looking forward to: We have a busy couple of weekends coming up, with out of town family and friends visiting, and also giving our in town family and friends an excuse to visit as well.

What I miss: Being allowed to smile without social commentary. I can’t really complain about this one too much but I feel definitely weird because this week everyone is commenting: “Oh wow, you must be doing well! You’re so smiley!” I’ve always been smiley. Even when I’m having a bad day, I know how to put a smile on, so I’m weirded out when people suddenly expect this huge personality alteration to take place. That being said, I am rocking the third trimester. Everyone told me that the 2nd trimester was the best, but honestly, I’m not minding the third. It’s got it’s challenges — like some maternity clothes no longer fitting, the heartburn, the ease with which I tire — but I’ve finally figured out my limits, and why it’s important to stick with them. 

Husband perspective: (on the doctor suggesting this kid is on schedule to be born on time or possibly early) “Our kid will be George Michael punctual, amazing on the wood block!” (Context)

Week 33

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Week 32

How far along: 32 weeks

How big is baby: the ever trendy length of kale. Also, in the words of my doctor, I’m “Super Pregnant” because the kid is now measuring back on track. 6 weeks of growth in 3 weeks isn’t necessarily a super power I want to keep using though…

Best moment of the week: Super productive Saturday. 

Food cravings: All things sweet. After waking up with a migraine following a day of terrible eating (it’s not eating ice cream TWICE if one time it was technically frozen yogurt…), we decided to cut out the treats. If I’m hungry enough to eat, I’m hungry enough to eat something with nutritional value. 

Symptoms: Sleep is a bit of an issue. Heartburn seems to be on and off. Other than a massive migraine on Sunday, a pretty good week.

Gender: Girl. Yup, every 8 weeks I change my mind.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting the nursery set up. As you can see, my mom was in and painted for us (I let Scott paint pictures, not walls. He lets me paint walls, but not use a ladder. We needed to bring in outside help for this one), so that’s one giant step accomplished… thanks Mom 🙂

What I miss: Using ladders? No. I have no regrets about not being the one to paint that room. I miss some of my pretty shoes that I’ve decided just to not let myself wear.

Husband perspective: I have nothing new to say (as he frantically tries to play through all his 3DS games in the remaining 8-10 weeks)


Week 32

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Week 31

How far along: 31 weeks

How big is baby: Apparently pineapple? Don’t know if that’s weight or height, or if it includes the green spike-ys or what. 

Best moment of the week: I kind of feel like Scott would be upset if I didn’t say our anniversary. Granted, I’m writing this up a little early so we can actually celebrate our anniversary, but if I say it will be good, it will be good, right? 

Food cravings: Nothing crazy. I want Pizza Pops but who doesn’t immediately want to dig into a box when they buy it?

Symptoms: The heat is getting to me. Especially since our air conditioner died Friday night. We hit about 40 / 104 degrees on Saturday, factoring in humidity. I suddenly understand where the term “Melt Down” came from. Fortunately, the a/c was fixed by Monday evening. Phew. 

Gender: Starting to feel that swing toward a girl… yup… it’s been almost 8 weeks at boy…

What I’m looking forward to: Doctor’s appointment on Thursday. It’s sad that I consider going to the doctor almost akin to vacation, but at this time of year, I’m run off my feet. 

What I miss: The treadmill. After weeks of going to the gym at lunch, having my hips seize up partway through the afternoon, and being a lump of potato on the couch, I decided maybe I shouldn’t be running a mile on a treadmill at 7 months pregnant. I switched over to the AMT (adaptive motion trainer), and while it is a closely related cousin to the elliptical, I was at least pleasantly surprised at how challenging of a work out it was, and then surprised again the next day when I still had full use of my body. Hmmm maybe I should have made the switch much earlier…. Now there’s only one AMT at our gym so we’ll see if I keep lucking out and getting it. But running? Running still has my heart….

Husband perspective: The baby scared me this morning. I went to hug you good morning, and it high-fived me. It was weird. Week 31

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Week 30

How far along: 30 weeks

How big is baby: Some say cucumber. Others say butternut squash. I say “Hey, we’ve had both of those before”

Best moment of the week: It was one of those weeks where I was able to get A LOT accomplished at work

Food cravings: Cherries, but apparently that’s just a summer symptom!

Symptoms: oh my goodness the inability to sleep. And my belly button hurts. Still an “innie” but at this point, I’d take an “outie” if it means less searing pain. Oh, and having some torn muscles / ligaments from dashing madly about in the rain in inappropriate shoes.

Gender: Mostly boy.

What I’m looking forward to: Yoga tonight. Hopefully, that will help both the sleep and the sore body (but maybe not the belly button)

What I miss: the ability to move my body.

Husband perspective: The baby seems shy around me, because he knows I want to flash a flashlight at him (and because he has a tendency to stop wiggling around whenever Scott’s in the room). 

My belly button hurts

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