Week 33

How far along: 33 weeks

How big is baby: I’ve read the size of a jicama, or the weight of a dorian fruit, and I have decided that our grocery stores are not giving us enough produce options because I have no idea what either of those are

Best moment of the week: Getting to be part of the interview process for my mat leave replacement. I feel for our HR department — there are 7 of us going on mat leave within weeks of each other. Why, yes, it was the coldest winter on record since 1898… why do you ask?

Food cravings: All things sweet. And of course, I ran out of watermelon, strawberries and raspberries — the “treats” I allow myself — before the weekend started. Fortunately, I happened upon a sale on cherries… all is now good in the world.

Symptoms: Oh my goodness the migraines. I know that they are VERY short lived in the grand scheme of things, especially now that I know the warning signs and how to treat them (See fuzzies. Take 2 Tylenol. Drink as much water and eat whatever food seems palatable. Take a walk. 30 minutes later I’m “fine”… but fully expect to spend the evening sleeping on the couch). But, knock on wood, it’s been a record number of days since the last one, so maybe I’m doing something right!

Gender: In fetus form, definitely male. But when I think that this fetus will be a baby in the next 5-9 weeks, I picture a girl. 

What I’m looking forward to: We have a busy couple of weekends coming up, with out of town family and friends visiting, and also giving our in town family and friends an excuse to visit as well.

What I miss: Being allowed to smile without social commentary. I can’t really complain about this one too much but I feel definitely weird because this week everyone is commenting: “Oh wow, you must be doing well! You’re so smiley!” I’ve always been smiley. Even when I’m having a bad day, I know how to put a smile on, so I’m weirded out when people suddenly expect this huge personality alteration to take place. That being said, I am rocking the third trimester. Everyone told me that the 2nd trimester was the best, but honestly, I’m not minding the third. It’s got it’s challenges — like some maternity clothes no longer fitting, the heartburn, the ease with which I tire — but I’ve finally figured out my limits, and why it’s important to stick with them. 

Husband perspective: (on the doctor suggesting this kid is on schedule to be born on time or possibly early) “Our kid will be George Michael punctual, amazing on the wood block!” (Context)

Week 33

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