Week 34

How far along: 34 weeks

How big is baby: Whatever the fruit/vegetable comparison is, I feel much larger than it.

Best moment of the week: This was the weekend of friends. Friends over for supper… friends meeting up for breakfast

Food cravings: Watermelon.

Symptoms: Sleep is becoming a huge issue. Even if I get 8 hours, they’re not restful.

Gender: Daily, I get asked “When are you due?” followed by “What are you having?” My instinct is always “Mid-September” and “A baby” because boy or girl is so little of a concern of mine I forget that’s what they’re really asking, but I think they still find my answer a little insulting. Right now, I think it’s a girl, but *shrug* each has its advantages and disadvantages (and I’m finding myself really wishing my 5-year-old theory that puberty is a time when we switch genders was right… give me a baby girl, but dear god, I don’t now what I’d do with a teenage girl).

What I’m looking forward to: The long weekend. I have at least one day off every week for the next 3 weeks (and then sadly my final two weeks are full weeks, and unless the baby is actively trying to escape me, or my doctor insists, there’s no way I get a break those two weeks), and I’m finding I’m needing the extra down time. Granted, work wouldn’t be so crazy if I wasn’t trying to fit 5 days of work into 4 days. But hopefully, I’ll take advantage of my coworkers offers to help out, and learn to resist my martyr complex.

What I miss: Having a better read on whether I’m getting emotional (ie: angry) for a legitimate reason, or whether the hormones are just getting to me. We had our windows installed on Friday, and anytime we came across an issue over the weekend, we joked “that’s what happens when you’re the last installation before a summer weekend.” But then once we discovered we were saying that A LOT, I felt my blood pressure rise, my head start to pound and my eyes start to water (every emotion comes out as tears for me — regardless of whether I’m pregnant or not). Scott tends to under-react to major problems, so I can never tell if it’s all in my mind or whether it’s something worth acting on, in comparison to him. I hate having to spend the time debating whether I am angry for legitimate reasons, or whether my anger just the raging of a pregnant hormonal woman (or worse, that I’ll be angry for legitimate reasons but people will brush it off as hormonal raging). Sadly, this time it was a legitimate reason to be angry (but still made Scott approve the email prior to hitting send to make sure the hormonal rage stayed in check).

Husband perspective: Stressed. Mostly because you keep screaming: “34 weeks” at me. But also just stressed.


Week 34

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