Week 35

How far along: 35 weeks

How big is baby: Small spaghetti squash. So in other words, the kid is now big enough to NOT fit in my crockpot. (cues Chili’s jingle).

Best moment of the week: Having a very productive weekend. We finally did our baby registry (at two stores), I washed all our windows, and after discovering that the paint that was going to patch up a few holes in the upstairs office matched at night, but not during the day, painted a whole room in an afternoon. Yes, I realize I brought in my mom to paint the nursery, and then a month later painted a different room myself, but the motto was “doable and passable” this time. And I have higher standards for my baby. 

Food cravings: What I wouldn’t give for a good rye and coke. Two guys were talking about rye on the bus the other day, and I nearly took them both out. Other than that, waffles from a local chain, but one of these days I might just buy the jam they stick on top, because that’s really where it’s at. 

Symptoms: Still not sleeping well. Partially caused by, and partially cause for the other major symptom of the week: Niagara Falls levels of tears. Daily. Sometimes over very legitimate things (like a comment my sister made). Sometimes over very unimportant things (like not actually remembering the comment my sister made). Remember how I spent the second trimester screaming from the rooftops: “I AM NOT A DELICATE FLOWER”? Turns out third trimester Cara very much is a delicate flower. 

Gender: Totally girl. 

What I’m looking forward to: a day where I feel like I have a modicum of control in my life (and to every person out there with a kid who knows I will never have a feeling of control in my life again… shhhh… we’re filing this one under “lies we tell ourselves to make it through” and any comment to the contrary will result in Niagara Falls levels of tears.)

What I miss: I made the mistake of going back through this blog’s archives this week. A year ago, I would have picked apart every thing on my body, whether there was an issue there or not. There must have been some body dysmorphia going on because wowzers, I did not recognize the body I was looking at. Still, I miss the body that I remember it being, and the body that is presented in the pictures. Mostly just miss the ability to, I don’t know, fit into things?

Husband perspective: Who is the March of Dimes and why do they think they have any authority over pregnancy and babies? Oh, FDR was behind it? Then I can get behind it too. 

Week 35

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