Week 36

How far along: 36 weeks

How big is baby: Size of romaine lettuce apparently. But heavier. 

Best moment of the week: Last week was the feeling of productivity. This week was the feeling of knowing my limits. Friday night was my dad’s retirement party back home, meaning getting up early Saturday to drive back to the city for the two weddings we were invited to. Cinderella’s carriage may have turned into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, but I knew to leave the last reception long before then. Sure, Sunday was still spent on the couch, but it was closer to “relaxing” than “recovering”

Food cravings: Nothing in particular. I’ve been going more for salty than sweet, but that could be a reaction to the increased water intake I’ve been forcing on myself, since the days here are getting stupid hot. 

Symptoms: So much itchiness. Stretching skin = itchiness. Stress = itchiness. Spending a busy weekend eating whatever we can grab on the go (meaning usually chemical laden foods) = itchiness. 

Gender: Girl. For the most part. 

What I’m looking forward to: Three years ago, at Scott’s bachelor party, the boys all made bets on when we would have our first kid, if it would be a boy or girl, and what it’s name would be. a friend mentioned it when we announced we were pregnant, but I forgot about it until we were at that friend’s wedding and he brought it up again. I believe it’s been safely stored in the safe at my brother-in-law’s business, and I’m really interested to see what people thought. 

What I miss: The confidence to dress myself without comparing myself to an animal. The dress for my dad’s retirement party made me feel like a hippo. The dress I wore for the weddings made me feel like a snake before digesting a meal. As fewer and fewer articles of clothing fit, it’s harder to get dressed. Feeling good about what I’m wearing is likely not going to happen for sometime. 

Husband perspective: C: how are you not stressed? I’m scratching my skin to death I’m so stressed. S: I’m scratching my brain to death?

Week 36

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