Week 37

How far along: 37 weeks. Apparently, we’ve met the minimum requirements of being term (depending on who you talk to). 

How big is baby: The length of swiss chard. And again, they use a long but light vegetable, which just makes me grumpy because this belly is HEAVY. 

Best moment of the week: Friday was pretty great. It was the first day off where I set my schedule. I slept in (partially because I barely slept at night), went for a pedicure, did some shopping, and while we had scheduled a date night, it was 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit), and I couldn’t step outside without Braxton-Hicks kicking in, so we ordered in pizza, got a few things done in the house, and then had a Target date once the weather cooled a bit. 

Food cravings: Chicken wings. We may have got some from the pizza place on Friday. They weren’t great but that’s the nice thing about my cravings… if they last longer than 5 minutes, they’re easily satisfied by subpar options. 

Symptoms: Still very itchy. I may or may not be panicking a lot lately. We realized partway through the week that we aren’t going to meet our goal of having that bathroom done before the baby is born unless we get some help… but we kind of have to wait for people who are willing to help to, um, figure out their life first. So in other words, the bathroom won’t be done before baby is born.

Gender: Still mostly girl. I’m also nearing the point where I’ve decided on a name. Scott’s still keeping options open. 

What I’m looking forward to: I was accidentally sent an email which read: “To everyone except Cara” at work, which leads me to believe I should wear something pretty to work on Friday. I’m assuming it’s related to the same person telling me to go out and register for baby stuff already. 

What I miss: Days off. I’ve officially used up the vacation time I needed to use up, and I’ve started training my replacement. Going back to working 5 days a week after a month of 3-4 day work weeks is rough. 

Husband perspective: (after reading about what happens in this, the 37th week): “Baby is just boring. How much time should I give the kid to impress me after it’s born?”

 Week 37
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One thought on “Week 37

  1. Great blog and your so need your bean arriving! I’m looking forward to following your journey. I’m almost seven months pregnant and I write a blog called ‘Bean On An Adventure’ – http://beanonanadventure.wordpress.com. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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