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Charlie, our little girl, is now 11 days old.

Those 11 days have been long, and followed 25 hours of labour (at least in my books). Half an hour ago, as she voraciously fed, again, for the second time that hour, I would have told you they have been a hard 11 days. But now, as she lays sleeping beside me, they are the most magical 11 days. Yes, life really does change that quickly here. Or rather, perspective does.

And that’s the most important lesson I’ve learned. With a rough labour, a painful delivery, and a complicated recovery, I could easily spend my days wallowing in self-pity. But wallowing won’t change what has happened. Instead, I’ve learned that if I wait 10 minutes, something else WILL change, and that will give me a new way to look at my new world.

Charlie & Scott

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Week 40

How far along: 40 weeks. Yes, I’m still here. Yes, I will hit everyone that makes some sort of comment about when the baby will get here. Kid will get here when the kid gets here. My to-do list is getting done, and that’s all I care about right now.

How big is baby: The size of a squirmy rock.

Best moment of the week: Honestly? I told Scott that it was playing video games with him Saturday night, but it was Sunday when I went into Babies’R’Us to see if I could get a price adjustment on one item I bought the other week that went on sale this last weekend, and they not only adjusted the price of it, but found a few other price adjustments as well. I don’t know whether I’m more pumped about the $60 I saved, or the fact they definitely went above and beyond!

Food cravings: Ketchup chips. Olives. Not together.

Symptoms: Insomnia, joint pain and swelling, oh my! My body suuuucked this week. All I can say is thank goodness I wasn’t working. I can’t go a day without a nap and my exercise ball.

Gender: Female

What I’m looking forward to: Just being done with this whole pregnancy thing. I know, cliché. Plus, I’m barely past my due date, I’m still carrying on a fairly normal daily life, and I haven’t had any major complications over the last 9 months,  what right do I have to complain? On the other hand, I really only settled into this whole pregnancy thing around week 29 and that didn’t last long. I think I’ve been ready to be done being pregnant since the day I found out.

What I miss: Being able to maneuver this body. Organizing the kitchen turned into discovering a leak in our sink, which turned into discovering wood rot in our counter, which unveiled a second leak, all of which are repairable, but we need to install shut-off valves under our sink before we can do anything else. Based on all the “How To” videos, it’s something I can easily do… if I could fit under there. I’m also officially not “organizing” anything else because sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss.

Husband perspective: (poking at my stomach impatiently, prodding the kid out…) Wait, why is the butt on that side of the stomach, and the feet on the other? Are you telling me the kid has, like, human parts?

Week 40

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Week 39

How far along: 39 weeks

How big is baby: Apparently we’re at watermelon stage. Either a small watermelon or a mini watermelon in terms of weight. But the amount of space this kid takes up? No one is saying anything. 

Best moment of the week: The weekend was pretty great — a good balance of social and productive. With the car seat installed, and the major plumbing done in the basement, I’m feeling pretty confident about how life is going.

Food cravings: I allowed myself to eat a little decadently at work, since it was my last week and the last time I’d be eating some of the awesome locally sourced baked goods. Didn’t get my cheese croissant though… but I’ve got my girls on it. 

Symptoms: anxiety-induced insomnia. Every night between 3 and 4 I’m panicking about something. Usually work. Let’s hope that being done work stops that (not likely). Simply moving to the couch seems to work, for some reason. 

Gender:  Girl. Though we’re working on improving our boy names. 

What I’m looking forward to: I snuck back into work Tuesday morning to meet with my exchange and visiting students (literally “Hi, nice to actually meet you, enjoyed working with you over summer, goodbye!”), so when this goes live, I should be having my first day of actually sleeping in. Here’s hoping it’s in bed and not the couch. 

What I miss: Sleeping on my back. Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping in bed. Ya, ya, I know. If I think it’s bad now…

Husband perspective: (is too busy being thrown off by the fact I’m not leaving for work in the morning to provide amusing soundbites. Once he has mastered bringing his office keys instead of our shed keys to work, then we will return to weekly soundbites)

Week 39

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