Best for whom?

It’s time to move Charlie to her crib at night. Yes, she still fits in her bassinet. Yes, she is still well within the age range of staying in our room. But she is noisy. So noisy. It makes the whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” hard to impossible to do.

I’m burning out.

It’s been hard to convince myself that moving her is the right decision when it feels so selfish. While she is fairly good at sleeping at night, she is terrible at sleeping during the day. You would think until we had the days under control, we would not want to mess with the night.

But the other evening, I staved off a meltdown. Again. It wasn’t that she was being excessively needy. It wasn’t that she was being difficult. It was just that we were both tired. And I’d I was bending over backwards to make sure that I’m doing everything to ensure that she gets the best sleep possible. Why don’t I award myself the same privilege?

Especially since a calm, adequately rested mother might actually be just one more thing that would benefit Charlie.

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One thought on “Best for whom?

  1. I keep reading more and more of your posts and find myself thinking oh my gosh, I can totally relate! Our soon will be 10 weeks old on Monday and this week is the first week we’ve had him sleep in his room every night. I fought that transition hard! But for us, I finally realized that he was so much more aware of everything going on around him that we just couldn’t do anything without it keeping him from staying asleep. My hope has been that being in his own room means a higher quality sleep for all of us…or at least that’s what I keep telling myself to feel better about it! 🙂

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