Two months

Age: Two months
Weight: 9 lb 12 oz (@ 2months + 2 days)
Height: 22.8″ (@ 2months + 2 days)
Nicknames: Monkey, Miss C, the Kid, Pumpkin
Sleep: Decided at 5 1/2 weeks that naps are the bomb-diggity. Decided at 6 weeks they were over rated and that sleeping through the night was where it was at. At seven weeks decided sleep in general was a waste, why not just cling to momma. Decided at 8 weeks to change it up every day just to keep me on my toes.
Clothes: 0-3 months in length, still newborn in waist
Loves: Minky, Boo-Boo and Cuddles, the three creatures on her bouncy chair, staring at Daddy, naked time, bath time, airplane
Dislikes: bedtime, regular soothers (she’ll tolerate her Soothie)
Memories: visiting mommy’s office, being a Monkey for Halloween, helping Nana and Grandpa move, rolling over (front to back Nov 11), going to her cousin’s 4th birthday party

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