Surmounting the Insurmountable

Making supper still feels like an insurmountable task with baby girl. It’s not the logistics. I know she loves watching S cook in the kitchen from the bouncy chair. I know even when the chair loses its magic, strapping her into a carrier will work. I know she naps for exactly 25 minutes and most of my meals don’t take that much longer to make. I even know enough oven-free, splatter-free recipes that her safety isn’t an issue. And given the fact I had to do an emergency loaf of laundry to get the humus off of the Mei tai carrier before my sister could try it out, I’m not worried about the mess.

At the end of the day (both literally and figuratively), I’m too tired for my brain to work through how to accomplish this necessary task successfully. It feels insurmountable.

However, taking baby girl Christmas shopping in a stroller-unfriendly store on a -30 degree day at the beginning of a growth spurt? While it took planning, it didn’t feel difficult at all.

At first I figured I’d was easier to force myself to do because it was the only option, but that isn’t true. No one is holding me to my “shop local” resolution. Everything I bought is available on Amazon.

Then i realized that there was no “force” required to get me to traipse half way across the city and navigate crowded aisles with a baby strapped to my chest. It was something I voluntarily and willingly did.

Making supper? It’s a necessary evil and it turns out that personal interest is what makes the difference between being unable to complete an entirely possible task and the ability to surmount the seeming insurmountable.

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