No Major Goals for the New Year

Looking back over the last few years, every year has been punctuated by major life events. In 2012, Scott and I both graduated and started careers. In 2013, we bought the house. Last year — 2014 — we had Charlie. While these events all felt like they occurred in the spur of the moment, they were all years in the planning. If they weren’t formal plans at the start of the year, they were at least dreams.

But this year? We have nothing big waiting in the wings. No big plans in the works, no dreams. It’s simultaneously nerve-wracking and relieving. Instead of focusing on the big changes, we get to work on the little things. As the calendar changed over, we made a few small and attainable goals

Me: Read one book a month. This goal should be easy — I’ve already finished one for January, and I’m still waiting for my eReader to arrive. However, I used to read a lot more than I do now, and I do miss it. I have a “bonus goal” as well — read one digital book and one paper book.

We (Scott & I): Have one date night a month. We weren’t even that good before Charlie, but it’s now more important to stay on board with each other. As soon as we have Charlie reliably taking a bottle, these will be dates outside the house, but we can create home date nights when needed.

Us (Scott, Charlie & I): Go on one “adventure” a month. We went to The Forks Market as a family to do some Christmas shopping, and fully enjoyed it (even when Charlie had her first public freak out). It might be difficult in the current weather (extreme cold warning is in place) but hopefully there will be a day or two of reprieve as needed.

Easy enough to achieve, right? Let’s hope so.

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One thought on “No Major Goals for the New Year

  1. Great ideas! Glad to see you back in the blogging world!

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