Inspiration Monday – Kristen Stewart

Getting dressed in winter is hard enough, with our close familiarity with extreme windchill. Add to that a body that is still not quite back to normal and a baby who has decided to clusterfeed. While I’m not always convinced that life isn’t better in pajamas, I do like the opportunity to try something a little different. This week, I decided to try two birds’ Inspiration Monday.

This week, the inspiration was Kristen Stewart. kris2Turns out I feel about as impressed with my outfit, as I am about her acting. Jan 12 2014I gave away my plaid flannel shirt in a moment of stupidity. I bought this plaid shirt when I was 9 months pregnant. It didn’t button then, but in my mind it would fit perfectly after Charlie was born. It may have fit for about 2 weeks. A little too billowy for my taste, I tried cinching it with a belt (didn’t work), and then with safety pins. Jan 12 2014 detail

A noble yet failing effort, but I’ll fully admit that I switched out the plaid shirt for a hoodie (and, obviously, a parka) before I left the house.

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