Inspiration Monday – Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one of those dashing women that I think is so classy, until I remember the only thing I can remember her being in is Easy A.

Anyway, she looks effortless in this outfit for two birds’ Inspiration Monday. emma-stone-290

I, on the other hand, feel yet again “meh”.  At least I didn’t change out of this until it was saturated in… erm… bodily fluids. Much like my thoughts on Emma Stone, I believe my life to be much more glamorous than it sometimes is. Inspiration Monday - Emma Stone

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4 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday – Emma Stone

  1. I love how you tied your scarf! And you look cozy and comfy – which is perfect when you’re hanging out at home with your babe! Love the socks too 🙂

  2. Hi there! Gorgeously done! I love the grey shades! You look pretty and stylish. I also like the way you did your scarf- I look at my picture today and sigh- WHAT was I thinking- looks like a saggy bedsheet round my neck!x
    Visit from a fellow Two birds linkie. x

  3. I think it’s just a meh time of year. I think you look great. I love the shade of grey, and the coziness of your outfit!

  4. Well I’m echoing the other gals here but I also am a fan of the scarf tying!! Love these cozy neutral shades.

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