Rolling With It

My darling girl has never been a great sleeper. It tops my late night google searches (followed closely by baby poop colour but that says more about my family’s obsession with discussing bowel movements). Since that first night in the hospital where she would only sleep if she was being held, it’s been a struggle to get her to sleep or keep her asleep.

It started with her highly sensitive startle reflex. It not only required very tight swaddling, but also holding her for roughly 20 minutes after falling asleep before she truly settled enough to be put down.

Then it was her catnaps. Sure, 25 minutes was “normal” at 4or 5 weeks, but it was still annoying. I looked forward to the sleep consolidation that was supposed to start at 6 weeks, but it never came.

At two months, I made my peace with it – consolidation takes time, but at least she was sleeping well at night. And she was – I was almost starting to feel human.

At three months, the night sleep disappeared and I thought “it’s just the four month regression happening earlier”. And the sleep recovered just as quickly as it disappeared.

At four months, everything deteriorated. She was up every 2 hours at night, and a 25 minute nap was suddenly looking pretty good.

We’ve heard it all  — my sister saying, at three months, that we should sleep train. My mother saying we were putting her to bed too early. The doctor laughing and saying she was just a sleep terrorist.

We tried everything — implementing a new plan every Monday, and then abandoning it by Friday. She couldn’t soothe herself while in the swaddle, and she couldn’t sleep without the swaddle. Ultimately we decided she just had to growth up a little bit more. After all, it’s not like things could get any worse.

… and then she started to roll.

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