Getting my Frump On

I was going through my weekly “I can’t wait to go back to work so I’ve got something I can do for ‘me’ but I don’t want to miss a minute with the little bug, and can’t stand the thought of having strangers look after her!” conundrum while putting away laundry. As I put away my ma pants and my hoodies, I said: “I also miss getting dressed. In real clothes. I just feel so frumpy”.

While I can’t magically turn my job into a part-time gig (which is my current dream), I can do something about the frump. I don’t NEED to wear lazy pants and slobby shirts to look after the wee one. As long as I can wash it, I can wear it, right?

So today, I got dressed. I can’t say I really felt any less frumpy, but it’s admittedly my own fault. This chambray shirt is cleverly belted to keep the extra volume in the back. And speaking of back, this skirt does nothing for my backside. Possibly because like the chambray shirt, it was bought as maternity wear. FrumpUm… my daughter is now old enough to sleep on her stomach, start solid foods and break hearts (ok, she’s been doing that since birth). Why do I think I should still be wearing maternity?

Half of my closet is still maternity items (many of them sundresses…) because I just haven’t made re-stocking my closet a priority. As a result, getting myself dressed hasn’t been either.

I think that will be on the list of things to do this weekend.

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One thought on “Getting my Frump On

  1. That was the one perk about going back to work, finally have a good reason to get dressed again. I was pretty lazy about my clothes when I was home with Ollie. I think it’s great you’re dressing for yourself, I think if I had stayed home longer I eventually would have gotten to that point too! And I love this look, I need to try belting my chambray shirt at some point!

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