A Day In The Life

A Day6:30 – Family Cuddle Time! It’s an early wake up today. Often C will go back to sleep, but we’ve been playing around with her bedtime, and I guess she’s just slept out.

8:00 – Coffee!! C is down for her first of 5-6 naps, so I take advantage of the mere 25 minutes she allows me to get dressed and make myself breakfast. Once she’s awake, we’ll have “play time” in the crib, so she can get used to rolling while awake so hopefully it won’t freak her out so much in her sleep.

8:45 – Outfit #1!! C stays in her pjs until after crib play time (or until she has a massive blowout… sometimes those things coincide), but the first outfit of the day is often the cutest. By the end of the day, I have been known to just throw her into a sleeved sleepsack until bedtime.

9:00 – It’s play time! Now that she’s rolling like a river, she needs me to be close at hand for when she gets stuck but is getting pretty good at playing by herself, so I set up my laptop on her playmats. After that, it’s nap time. Again. Every 90 minutes she’ll bless me with 25 minutes of “Me Time”

11:30 – Outta here! We were aiming for 10, but since that was nap time, and then we needed to eat and get organized, we’re finally out the door for a playdate with our new friend whom I’ll call Hobbs. She’s only 4 weeks old so “play date” is more “mom date”.

1:00 – Back home for a nap and lunch! When I manage to get those to coincide, I like actually making something rather than throwing leftovers in the microwave.  Fried mashed potatos? Yes please!

1:30 – Occasionally, C will sit still long enough to read a book. Now that she has more hand eye coordination, she likes touching the pages and “Helping” turn them. Mostly, though, she likes to chew them. Duck & Goose books are the tastiest.

1:37 – Short-lived story time, but with a butt like that, I can’t blame her for wanting to wiggle it!

3:30 – While down for a nap, Nana shows up, and we take advantage of the warm weather to take a walk.

5:00 – Nap time, so I start washing lettuce for tacos, our new Friday tradition designed to stop us from ordering pizza.

6:30 – bath time, followed by bedtime routine. We like C to go to bed around 8:30, but given the early wake up time, we don’t quite make it.

9:00 – Bedtime snack of popcorn? I think I will!

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