Like Having a Whole New Wardrobe

We’re excellent at making excuses. So much so that we have a standing weekly discussion that always goes the same way. It’s Saturday night, and we’re either talking about how much we’ve accomplished thus far, or how much we have to accomplish tomorrow. Either way, the conversation eventually turns to:

“We should try to get to church tomorrow”

“Ya, we should. But (fill in excuse here)”

And we usually don’t make it. This weekend, we could have used the “We don’t like taking Charlotte out when it’s that cold” excuse. We could have used the “we haven’t done ANYTHING on that basement bathroom reno in weeks” excuse. Instead, we used the “we have a baby shower to go to in the afternoon” excuse.

But we’re getting dangerously close to Charlie being 6 months old. I had hoped that by six months, we’d be comfortable enough in our new church to baptize her. Since that’s only a month and a half away, we likely won’t make that goal, now is better than never. While even on the few weeks that we’ve recognized our excuses aren’t going to hold any weight and resolve to go, we always back-peddle the next morning. What we needed was to take our excuses and turn them into motivators.

Charlie’s schedule is going to be off anyway, so we might as well take advantage of that!

It’s one more place to show off Charlie’s cute little outfits that just don’t make sense to wear on a day-to-day basis!

And we’re going to have to get all dressed up that afternoon, anyway!

Gulp… right… WE are going to have to get dressed up anyway.

I stepped on the scale at my parents last Friday and I’m within 5-7 pounds of my old weight (I am certain their scale is wrong, but the scale I rely on is 250km away). After a trip to the jeans store and a trip to the bra store, I know where those pounds are, and logically I know I should actually be happy with it. But when I try on my old standbys and they don’t fit right, I tend to be hard on myself.

Saturday evening, when I resolved that we were going to church AND a baby shower, I took some time to find something to wear. If I was going to be stuck in it all day, I better like it. I went through old favourites and found an outfit that was passable. But since Scott was entertaining the wee one, I decided to play around a bit to see what fit and what didn’t.


I literally had to brush the dust off this dress. It almost hit the “giveaway” box a month or two before I got pregnant. It had just never fit quite right, making me feel frumpy. But putting this same dress on my different body? I felt fabulous!

Sure, it’s still going to take some work to get used to this new body (and who knows how long this one will stick around for), especially since my old standbys are still relegated to the storage closet. But now I get to find new favourites in some long forgotten and abandoned pieces!

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2 thoughts on “Like Having a Whole New Wardrobe

  1. Shybiker

    Having a baby is such a huge change to a woman’s body that returning to your original size must seem bizarre. I can’t imagine the emotions involved in the process. BTW, the header of your blog is the best I’ve ever seen.

  2. It is tough figuring out how to dress after baby, even months later. I think you’re doing a great job though! And side note – how is Charlie already almost six months old?? (Says the mom with a 14 month old)

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