Inspiration Monday – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is apparently dressed for brunch. I imagine it’s a late fall or warm winter day brunch. Likely in New York – but I’m not familiar with New York weather.

I, on the other hand, am dressed for an outdoor adventure in the middle of winter in snowy and cold Winnipeg. Perhaps what Kate Hudson is inspiring me to do, this week, is to take a vacation to a place where I can wear my jacket open, wear stylish fur-lined boots, and wear sunglasses as a way to shield my identity from that paparazzi and not to keep from being blinded by the snow.

We are hoping to bundle up to go out to Festival du Voyageur, a local winter festival celebrating the early days of Winnipeg’s history as a part of the fur trade. Of course, with forecast wind chills of -30 and a wee baby, we’re likely playing it by ear. While I may not get to wear this to romp around in the snow, I did wear it to the grocery store today. And every grocery day. And pretty much any time I leave the house. Yup – winter fashion is all about function over form!

Inspiration Monday - Kate HudsonAnd yes, I do know my toque needs a big-a$$ pompom. I want to go back in time and yell at my younger self for removing it.

Thanks to Two Birds for the link up for Inspiration Monday!

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