Currently: In March

It’s apparently March — I know February is a short month, but wow did it fly by this year! Spring is around the corner… but before we get there, here is what I’m up to Currently.

Dreaming: about spending the summer outside. I’ve been working through every summer for a decade, and even when I’ve been so lucky as to have vacations, they’ve always been filled with travel and little relaxation. I’m looking forward to spending my days out on the grass. I’ve never worn a lot of shorts, but I think I have to invest this year.

Planning: to start Charlie on solid food next week. Where did my little baby go?

Making: soups and soft foods. Scott is getting his wisdom teeth out on Friday. I’d take it as a culinary challenge, but I already know that Scott considers anything that has been in a blender or food processor as “previously been chewed”.

Baking: Crazy cake. My brother-in-law and his fiancée came over on Sunday and I took advantage of their pending visit to do some last-minute baking. Of course, I tried a new recipe and decided not to subject them to my attempts, especially since I bought the wrong kind of coconut milk, and couldn’t make the topping the way I had envisioned so I got a little… creative.

Watching: Hockey is on right now (not my choice), but I’ve been watching more Border Security than I wish to admit, and I’m still working my way through Friends.

Thanks Anne and Jenna!

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3 thoughts on “Currently: In March

  1. Summer and outside sounds pretty great right about now. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love me some Friends! One of my favorite shows of all time! And good luck to Scott – stock up on frozen veggies – not to eat, they make great ice packs! And good luck with the solid food too! I’m sure she’ll do great! Looking forward to hearing more about it 🙂

  3. Soup sounds so good right now! I will probably have to get my wisdom teeth out sometime soon too, and soup will definitely be happening! Happy first day of spring!

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