Adventures in Sleep Training

8:50 – It’s been just under 2 hours since Charlie woke up. Yup – there’s a fussy sound emanating from her play mat. Perfect – nap time is on schedule. If this nap goes well, we’ll be able to get the next nap done in time to go to Fitness class.

9:02 – She’s asleep. According to the Sleep Chart, I hold her for only 2 minutes before putting her down. It’s day 2 of 2 minutes, this should be getting easier.

9:04 – Soother is spit out milliseconds before she hits the crib. A scream follows it.

9:08 – Refuses the soother. Try a different one. Refuses it.

9:14 – Soother in. Asleep. Start timer. Still in good shape for the day.

9:16 – In crib. Soother out. Screaming.

9:24 – Soother out. Still in arms. Just drifting off. Forget fitness, we just have to get this nap done.

9:26 – In crib. Screaming.

9:45 – Calmed. Asleep. Soother firmly in mouth. Fourth time’s the charm? She may be winning the “fitness class timing” battle, but I’m going to win the “nap” war.

9:47 – screaming, hovering above crib.

9:48 – Baby playing in crib. Mom on couch crying.

10:11 – Wailing. Maybe it’s time for Ferber. 5 minutes on the clock

10:16 – greeted at the door by stench of poop, pick up baby in soggy sleeper.

10:20 – Cuddling on the couch with promises to never let her cry again. And never try to sleep train again. Until next nap.

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One thought on “Adventures in Sleep Training

  1. Oh mama, I feel your pain. Been there. As someone who practiced sleep training all I can tell you is it does get easier and is worth it in the end, but I know how hard it is to let them cry!!

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