Six Month Wake Up Call

When we were in school, they devoted an entire day to teaching us all about babies. Not about how to prevent getting pregnant. No, we were taught how to RAISE a baby. Because that’s definitely the message you want to send teenagers. Of course, being teenagers, the only thing most of us remembered from the day was “Don’t shake the baby!” It even made it into our graduation speeches.

I can only remember one other lesson from the day: you can’t spoil a baby under 6 months old. Well, little Charlie is now 6 months old, time for her to say good bye to the gravy train, right?

Maybe it isn’t so much C that’s been spoiled these last few months. I found myself at a direct sales home party (the modern day Tupperware party, if you will), being coerced by the consultant into hosting my own party. “Oh no, I can’t. I’m a new mother! I can barely figure out how to get a shower in a day. I can’t imagine getting ready to host a party!” I said to her, immediately recognizing how fraudulous this story was, especially in the context of being a guest at a party hosted by a new mother whose son is considerably younger than C.

I’ve used C as an excuse to avoid taking phone calls (“I keep my phone on silent so it won’t wake her if it rings”), for when I’ve forgotten to reply to an email (“I sat down to write it, but then C started crying”) and for day to day duties (“Supper’s not made. C needed me”).

There is a fair amount of justification to be made — my life did change drastically 6 months ago — 6 months from now it will change again when I return to work. I can continue to bury my head in the sand for 6 more months, and then wake up to a scary reality overnight, again, or I can slowly start getting my life back in check now.

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One thought on “Six Month Wake Up Call

  1. Child-rearing, especially at this age, is so demanding I don’t know how moms manage it. Kudos to you.

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