Making the Cut; or Cutting your losses by tossing this book

A couple years ago, Scott and I did the 30 Day Shred, part of Jillian Michael’s exercise program. It developed muscles I didn’t know existed. My shoulders suddenly became my best body part, and I never had given them a second thought before. So when I was looking for a non-fiction book, I decided to give Michael’s book, Making the Cut: The 30 Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest Sexiest You a try.

I really should have thought twice. This book was a waste of my time.

She posits that her book will revolutionize you life, and address food, exercise, as well as psychological and spiritual aspects. It addresses the first two. The second two are vaguely referenced in random quotes interspersed within unrelated pages.

Secondly, she lays out a diet plan based on your “metabolic type”. Regardless of your type, she recommends that you eat as cleanly as possible… after all, if you’re eating calorie free, or fat free, or carb free, what are they replacing the calories, fat or carbs with? And when you get to the meal plan, what is she pushing? Specific calorie free, fat free, or carb free options from companies likely paying her money to mention them.

Even worse is in addition to the meal plan, which specifies exactly what you are to eat, she recommends a shopping list of additional food to have on hand! Even more ironically, she repeats, for each metabolic type, that the most important thing is that you not go over your daily caloric intake. Word for word. Three times. That makes for thrilling reading.

Finally, when you get to the exercises, you think “Ok, this is intense. This will get me where I need to go to be the Strongest Sexiest Me!” and yet, the final chapter pretty much tells you all those exercises won’t get you anywhere, but here are a slew of chemicals and supplements you’ll need to actually do it, but don’t actually use them because they’re bad for you, ok?

My blood boiled through the book, to the point where I didn’t bother even considering doing what she said. Too much hypocrisy.

Book: Making the Cut: The 30 Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest Sexiest You
Author: Jillian Michaels
Rating: 0/5
Features: Contradictions, vague meaninglessly placed quotes about karma, and the feeling that you’ll never actually be good enough
Who should read: Michaels’ fans

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One thought on “Making the Cut; or Cutting your losses by tossing this book

  1. Ugh! I’m sorry that the book was such a disappointment! Although I will admit I laughed at your post title for this post šŸ™‚

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