Every Monday, I tell Little C we’re getting back into our routine. Of course, Monday means a short morning nap so we can make it to the Library in time for Rhyme Time. So Tuesday we start our routine. Oh, but we can’t forget that we need to force a long nap on Wednesday mornings to delay afternoon nap time after Stroller Fitness. But it’s all good because Thursday we get back into the routine; Friday too. Then the weekend hits and we end up having so much fun with daddy we delay our morning nap. And then the afternoon nap ends up being in the car because those errands took longer than we thought, and of course we’ll go over to my parents’ for family supper, so bedtime gets delayed, but that’s ok because hopefully it means she’ll sleep in on Sunday, so we can push morning nap until after church (though it’s more likely that a late bed time means an early morning but that works too, since we can slip a nap in before the service). We can start back on a routine on Monday, right?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to stick to a routine when we barely get to use it 3 days a week. I suppose it is akin to Picasso’s oft quoted advice:

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

– Pablo Picasso

A routine let’s us know general guidelines for when things SHOULD happen. Wake up around 7, nap around 9:30 and again at 1. Most days we’ll need another nap around 5, too before going to bed by 8. Once we know how things SHOULD happen, it’s easier to adjust the day around whatever activities we have up by subtly encouraging her to wake up early? Going a little longer between naps? It beats not knowing when she might want to sleep, and when she might want to eat (though we still do have days like that from time to time).

The daily routine may centre on Little C, but I take control of the weekly one. For six months, I felt terribly overwhelmed at doing the bare minimum, so I find it much easier to tackle all these tasks again by dividing them up into days. Sunday is laundry, Monday is house cleaning, Tuesday grocery shopping, and so on and so forth. That’s not to say that there aren’t laundry baskets scattered through out my living room today. Sometimes important things, like filing taxes, get priority over the task of the day. At least if you have a plan, and perhaps more importantly, it includes some “catch up” days, you never find yourself nearly as overwhelmed when you stare at your to do list.

Yes, not NEARLY as overwhelmed 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Routine

  1. I agree and follow your lead. It’s valuable to have a plan, even if you have to deviate from it. We accomplish more that way.

    I never had kids so I didn’t know naps are such a regular part of your (and her) life. Do they provide periods of rest for you to attend to your personal needs? I hope so. Parenting an infant is so hard; I’m sure you need breaks from it.

    • Naps are key to both mama and baby. Sadly, Miss C has never napped well (typically 25 minutes 3 times a day), but we’re working on it. I’m a little afraid that once she’s regularly napping well (60-90 minutes 2 times a day) I won’t know what to do with myself! Fortunately, when Scott comes home, he takes the role of “primary parent” so I can do what I need to.

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