Touchy Subjects; Or Books Not To Read While Rocking Your Daughter To Sleep

Emma Donoghue’s name sounded familiar. It was only after I borrowed the book, Touchy Subjects, and started reading it that my mother reminded me that she was the author of Room, a terrifying story about a boy and his mother being held captive in a small room (I have not read this book. I have simply heard my mother weep as she made her way through parts of the book). Fortunately, this book wasn’t quite as depressing. That being said, Donoghue covers the supposed touchy subjects — the sections are Babies, Domesticity, Strangers, Desire and Death. The stories range from boring, to touching to humourous. And then there is the Desire section. I tell you, there are just some things that a mother shouldn’t read when rocking a baby and that is a sex story.

Book: Touchy Subjects
Author: Emma Donoghue
Rating: 2.5/5
Features: A variety of short stories about the more sensitive parts of the human experience
Who should read: Anyone who likes reading about the more vulnerable moments of life.

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