Currently: In June

The lovely ladies Anne and Jenna are once again back with the monthly “Currently”. Please stop by their blogs to give them a virtual hug!

Playing: Scott and I enjoy board games, but we enjoy very different types of board games. I’m big into trivia games while he likes more of the role playing. There are few games we agree on and fewer for two players. We were slowly working our way through MarioKart 8 for Wii U, but summer put that on hold. Most of our games these days involve peek-a-boo, or stacking things (oh, and a baby).

Going: To the zoo, whether it rains or not. I don’t know why I think that it has to happen THIS MONTH but I’m slowly realizing that summer always goes too fast, and when fall comes, I’ll be back at work, so I’m trying to savour every moment (while simultaneously filling up all of our time with activities)

Wearing: Oh man, this outfit made me feel so trendy the first time I wore it. I mean, distressed shorts? Gingham shirt? If only I had Birkenstocks! It’s totally no where near as flattering as I thought it was initially (or perhaps things are still shifting post-baby), but any day I wear it, it’s a good day.


Sipping: I’ve been BIG into beer these days. Summer does that to me. Usually, I’m all about the fruit wines in summer, but it’s only been in the last few weeks that C has been sleeping well enough for me to chance an evening libation, so I haven’t been so bold as to crack open a bottle of wine. I appreciate the single serving quality of beer.

Reading: I was reading French Women Don’t Get Facelifts by Mireille Guiliano but my eBook expired and I couldn’t renew it. My reading has tapered off significantly now that C is sleeping better. I’m ok with that. Sure, I could now read in other places than in the rocking chair in her room, but I do appreciate my Kobo always being sandwiched between the seat and the arm on nights when she randomly decides sleeping is for chumps.


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3 thoughts on “Currently: In June

  1. Beer in summer – yes, please! Love your gingham top too. Thanks for linking up!

  2. While I can appreciate a darker beer in the winter, I much prefer the lighter summer ones. Cheers!

  3. Summer means beer. Nuff said! Hope C is starting to sleep better though, been there as you know!

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