Bad Feminist: or someone speaking my language

I’m not a hugely vocal feminist. In fact, Scott is a much better feminist than I am. We’ll get into discussions about current events and movements in feminism, and I frequently find myself saying: “Maybe I’m a bad feminist, but…” Naturally, this book title spoke to me.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay is not simply about feminism, but about issues of academia, race, and gender, within the vein of personal experience and popular culture. As frequently my discourse on feminism tends towards intersectionality. A lot of what I read on feminism makes me go: “Yes, but!” where as I found myself think “but yes!”.

The issue with siding with someone is that you begin to identify with that person, and so while you ignore the allusions of trauma in the first few chapters, once it comes into full view, it takes an overwhelming situation to staggering depth. It’s not for middle of the night reading unless you sob quietly to not disturb anyone else slumbering in your house.

That being said, I feel the sections on racial stereotypes in pop culture treaded a bit too far into the academic for a much more conversationally written book. Having not seen most of the movies (which I’m not sure whether would support Ms. Gay’s arguments or not), I did only skim over these chapters.

Book: Bad Feminist
Author: Roxane Gay
Rating: 3/5
Features: a conversational social discourse that is educated while still accessible
Who should read: Anyone who calls themselves a feminist

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