Slowing Down

C has hit the 9 month sleep regression. There isn’t one consistent issue, like practicing developing skills in her sleep, or crying out every time she wakes up and finds herself alone. Each day is a new and different problem. Sometimes in place of the one from yesterday. Sometimes in addition it. Sometimes it results in a stubborn war between her and I. Sometimes it means trying new tricks. Sometimes it means just taking a step back and accepting that this nap will only happen if it’s in my arms.

Part of my brain was so frustrated as sleep started to degrade. We just finally reached the stage where she takes some legitimate naps so I can start getting things done around the house.

On the other hand, we’re getting down to a few weeks before I’m back at work (I refuse to count it because it feels like someone punching me in the gut). The number of full days I have of just me and my baby. And every day she is growing more and more independent. Yes, it may take twice as long with her arms flailing madly in all directions. She may throw soothers across the room and then cry because she wants her soother. She works up a sweat just to fall asleep. But then she sleeps. And it’s so peaceful.

The last few weeks of mat leave are going to fly by, especially since it’s summer. In the meantime, I’ll take advantage of these moments I get to slow down.

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One thought on “Slowing Down

  1. bethietheboo

    The nine month sleep regression wasn’t too bad for us I don’t think. I almost don’t remember anymore – which I tell you to give you hope, because soon those sleep deprived moments will feel like a distant memory, it’s truth! And good for you slowing down and enjoying the time you still have at home – and at least you’re getting to finish your leave in summer, best time possible!

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