Currently In July

Craving: Sangria. Since I’m generally limited to one drink, and I’m married to a beer or scotch kind of guy, so there isn’t much value in the effort required for sangria. I’m contemplating throwing a party just to justify making some.

Grilling: It’s Canada Day, so we’ll be going traditional with some hot dogs (Ok, all natural chicken dogs in whole wheat buns). Likely grilling some chicken tonight, maybe with some sweet potatoes. Chicken is our go to grilling food.

Listening: Right now, to all the NHL free agent talks. Not by choice. Usually, when it’s just C and I, we tune into the Family Roadtrip station on Spotify (or Songza or whatever internet radio service which offers near identically titled options). It’s peppy, and (obviously) family friendly.

Planning: Our day and upcoming weekend. Yes, it’s almost noon. We had a productive weekend last weekend, so we’re enjoying some relaxing thus far today.

Decorating: Nothing thus far. I do intend to patch some walls today, and maybe coordinate some babysitting to actually get some painting done. Painting is a form of decorating, right?

Thanks to Anne and Jenna for coordinating this!

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3 thoughts on “Currently In July

  1. Ahhh sangria! That sounds so good right now!

  2. Sangria! YES. I’m probably going to make some this weekend!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love homemade sangria, can I come to your party? LOL. And I’ll need to remember the Family Roadtrip playlist for our next roadtrip, we found a decent Pandora station on our last one, but it’s fun to find other options!

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