Things I’m Loving Friday #1

I’ve been wanting to blog more but struggling with what to write about. Since I’ve enjoyed the organized/scheduled nature of the monthly “Currently” posts, I thought I’d jump on another blogging bandwagon. While there is no official link up that I’m aware of, many blogs I follow do a “Things I’m Loving Friday” (or Things I’m Grateful For Friday). And really, it’s nice to end the week on a note of positivity

Babies in Rompers

Oh my goodness, rompers are where it’s at this summer in baby fashion, as far as I’m concerned. C is sporting a lovely handmade one from a friend of mine today (see pics on my Instagram), and we’ve got 3 or 4 others in constant rotation. It’s too much effort to throw her in a onesie and a pair of shorts, and it’s too difficult for her to crawl around in a dress. Plus, one of my favourites has strawberries on the bum, and I love watching it wiggle as she crawls around.

(Not) Spicy Chicken (Marinade)

We totally forgot that we were going to make something a little more time consuming for supper on Canada Day, since we had the day off. Instead, we were searching for a quick marinade recipe. Despite it being adapted from a fried chicken recipe, it turns out AMAZING. So amazing, all I want to do is eat chicken all day every day. It’s definitely not spicy though.


After getting way off of our routine, we’re back into the groove. Wake up. Say goodbye to Scott. Play. Eat breakfast. Clean kitchen. Get dressed. Clean room. Water planters. Read books. Everything goes smoothly until nap time, which has been a struggle lately. But starting the day with a strong routine and having the kitchen and C’s bedroom cleaned means I’m more patient with our little sleep fighter. Between having C wrapped on my back for water plants, and then the quiet reading has been helping so I think she likes routine too.

My “vegetable” garden

We are the only house without a dog pretty much on the block. That means the neighbourhood rabbits like to visit us. While I had a huge dream of a large vegetable garden (self weeding, of course, since this is a dream), my vegetables grow in planters. I don’t grow a lot (I don’t so much have the family green thumb gene), but I LOVE how this one looks. It’s leaks, basil and strawberries. It’s the one that motivates me to make sure it’s well watered, and so the other not-quite-as-visually-thrilling ones get watered too.

IMG_3907Eating The Rainbow

I don’t know when I first heard about the whole “Eat the Rainbow” campaign, but it has made planning C’s meals a lot easier and ensures she’s getting a good variety of food. We managed to get three colours out of the way at breakfast alone today! (Egg-free Banana blueberry pancakes with a side of watermelon chunks).

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving Friday #1

  1. Babies in rompers are SO cute. I miss the days I could throw Ollie in a one piece and just say “done!” He’s too big for them this summer, but I do love him in a t-shirt and plaid shorts!

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