Things I’m Loving Friday #2

Phew, I need this post. This week hasn’t been rough. Just the last 12 hours. I need this dose of positivity.

Silver Linings

We have an annual brunch date with a friend from out of town. This year, he had to cancel at the last minute. Fortunately, we had just enough time to pack our bags and head out to my in-laws cabin. I love the drive out there, watching the landscape shift from prairie to Canadian Shield. It’s surreal that within the course of two hours, you can go from land so flat you can see for miles and mile, to driving a road cut out of the rock that stretches toward the sky on either side of you.

Fresh Fruit

We went strawberry picking on Wednesday, and then my poor strawberries sat in my hot car for the afternoon, making them a little, erm, squishier than is ideal for longevity. That meant Thursday had to be a big baking day. Bring on the strawberry rhubarb pie!


As I said, the last 12 hours has been rough. And it even included 7 continuous hours of sleep. Someone decided they didn’t need a second nap yesterday, which meant they were too exhausted to sleep last night. After 25 minute intervals of sleep from early bedtime until 9, someone decided it was just time to get up and play. So we tried everything. I rocked her. I walked her. I even talked to her (because at 11pm, you think you can reason with an almost 10 month old). Everything was interspersed with lullabies. No idea if they helped or harmed her attempts to stay awake last night, but they kept my sanity. While we rotate through a number of lullabies through the week, “If you can’t sleep” by She & Him is the lullaby I chose for C to be “her lullaby” before she was born. It doesn’t always prove to be effective on her, but it is on me 🙂

Caramel Ribbons Frappuccino

I don’t drink a lot of coffee. Trust me, that makes being a good, attentive, patient and alert mom very hard. Coffee and I have had a tenuous relationship, making me more jittery than alert, and randomly making my heart race somewhat uncontrollably.  But I recognize that sometimes jittery is better than grumpy and a racing heart makes it impossible to accidentally fall asleep. Thus, I recognize it’s desirableness to any parent. I tend to use coffee as a motivator in a different sense. When the day gets off to a bad start, I keep telling myself: “If it’s still a bad day by such and such a time, we will go for a walk and I’ll treat myself to a frappuccino”.  About 90% of the time, we get busy and I don’t get my frap, but it’s always nice to have that option and I think that is what calms me down enough to get through the day.

Me Time

While evenings have been a struggle with Miss C, once she goes down for a nap during the day, she’s been staying down for at least 45 minutes. That is HUGE considering there was a time not that long ago when 30 minutes was a long nap. While I know there is a never ending list of things I should do while she naps, I haven’t been so great at putting myself on that list, and if the tiny meltdown I had after stepping in a puddle of water from a leaking sippy cup when I was try to unload the dishwasher this morning is any indication, I need to look after me. While it isn’t a caramel ribbon frap, I’ve made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my daughter’s fluffiest blanket, and am curled up on the couch. There are worse ways to spend a Friday morning

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving Friday #2

  1. I hope your day got better! Caramel Ribbon Frappucino sounds amazing! And yes, sometimes you need that me time, I know there are many times that while I should be doing other things when Ollie’s napping on the weekends I tend to curl up with a book or even a blanket and nap as well!

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