Raising Little Miss Independent

We’ve come to terms with C’s potentially serious egg allergy. We’ve even started to relax a bit about the ominous warning that babies with egg allergies often have more than one allergy that will surface unexpectedly, and could also end up being quite serious. We’ve figured out that it’s easiest to feed her food that we’ve made and so we regularly set aside days to cook her staples (steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, bread, chicken, etc). We’ve even found brands that we trust for those times when it’s just not feasible to make something from scratch.

But as you know, life with an offspring is far from routine.

Our Little Miss is becoming less and less of a baby every day and that is most obvious at meal time. Unlike her only slightly younger cousin, she does tolerate a wide range of foods, and for that I am grateful. She’s iffy on yogurt and peaches, but will only actively avoid eating prunes. She will eat almost everything you want to give her.

So long as she can pick it up with her fingers.

I struggle with getting enough sleep, and with C more regularly sleeping through the night now, I can only blame it on myself. Despite my best efforts, mornings are tough and I most often want to go the easy way out. It was great when that meant pureeing some fruit and adding it to baby cereal. Some days, she will surprise me and eat bowl after bowl of it, but most days, a few spoonfuls in, she wants to feed herself.

While this is rather welcomed from the perspective that it means I get to eat with two hands myself, it also means that she plays with her food. She examines her food. She drops her food, picks it up, tosses her food, finds it again. And then if we’re lucky, it goes on her mouth. For a kid that would start demanding the next spoonful the minute the last one touched her mouth, she definitely takes her sweet time feeding herself.

And as a girl with a huge appetite, it can take over an hour just to eat breakfast. It feels like we spend our entire day eating and sleeping. It reminds me of when she was a newborn and that was literally all we did all day. It’s just weird to be back in that routine with someone so fiercely independent.

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One thought on “Raising Little Miss Independent

  1. We’re still in that season a bit. Some days Ollie will eat so fast you wonder how he isn’t choking on every bite but other days he likes to take his time, he plays, he asks for other things because he doesn’t want what’s in front of him, fun things like that. He’s still not got the hang of the fork and spoon thing quite yet, but we’re getting there.

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