Things I’m Loving Friday #3


Our anniversary was the 8th, a Wednesday, during a really busy work week for Scott. Instead of doing something that evening, we dropped the wee one off at my parents on Saturday to have some brunch and stroll through some shops. Every anniversary should include waffles with jam.


Baby Carriers

I sold my Ergo for a better fitting carrier — the Chimparoo Trek (and made in Canada!) this week, but the true hero of the week is my ring sling. We are struggling a bit with sleep, particularly the afternoon nap. We got home from a playdate a bit late one day, and a nap just wasn’t going to happen.  Usually, a walk in the stroller does the trick, but with the insane heat and humidity, I wasn’t endangering our health that day. Instead, I put her in the sling, and slowly walked on the treadmill for a mile. Worked like a charm!IMG_4062


My parents bought little C “If I were a monkey” when she was still very small because we called her our monkey. For Easter, she got “If I were a bunny”. We bought Miss C a JellyCat bear and when that became a favourite, we bought her a giraffe this week as an “alternate” friend.

Contigo Fit Water Bottle

I’ve been using Contigo travel mugs for water for years, but the water bottles I just recently bought. You’d think “same premise, same result” but the water stays cooler for so much longer. Very necessary with the hot week we’re having.

Fridays. In General.

This kind of feels like a cop out, but this week has been long and short and confusing. I’ve never known what day it is, so every time I realize today is Friday, it’s exciting all over again. Yes, sometimes it takes very little to entertain me 🙂

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