Things I’m Loving Friday #5


I love the idea of going for a run. I love the bragging rights of having gone for a run. And you know what? I don’t even mind the run itself. I’m lucky that my little C tolerates going into her stroller for runs. It’s pretty cute: she sings to herself. Plus, we make post-run smoothies


Growing hair out is not fun, and while I nearly said: “Chop it off”, I’ve got a hairdresser that knows when to talk me out of something. Sometimes a little trim (and some fun with a straightening iron) is all you need.

Fun Pack Cereal

There is nothing that says camping to me like mini cereal boxes. While we aren’t camping (we rented a cabin just a few kilometers from where my parents are camping), I still had to buy some for our upcoming vacation.

8 Hours of Continuous Sleep

We still have our sleep challenges (like a child who thinks one nap is sufficient, but whose body definitely needs two), but we’ve had a string of solid nights. I’ve never felt more tired in my life (possibly because I’m not fueling my body with caffeine and adrenaline) but it feels like we’re doing something right

That 70s Show

I forgot that it was on Netflix, and so I’m reliving the joy that is the first season.

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving Friday #5

  1. I recently bought a hair straightener too and I’m surprised at how much I like it so far!

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