Things I’m Loving Friday #6 Vacation Edition

We just arrived home and are sort of-kind of-not really unpacked, but it’s a great time to reflect on what I loved about this week away

The First Perfectly Roasted Marshmellow

No marshmellow is better than that first one that you patiently sit and rotate over the perfect spot.

The Perfect Excuse for Buying Coffee AND Ice Cream every day

I’m not so masochistic as to try on the dress I need to wear in a week after that, though. A few days of running and I’ll be moe brave, but it was definitely worth the deliciousness to treat ourselves. And it wasn’t every day. But it was close 🙂

Napping on the go

Putting C down for naps has been a chore, since she’s starting to work her way to one nap, so any time we could try to get her to nap in the car or the stroller, we went for it. They weren’t the longest naps, nor did they happen with the same regularity as we had hoped (like how she refused to nap in a carrier for the first three days, and then on the fourth when we wanted her to stay awake for just another 5 minutes, of course she fell asleep in it).

Going to bed whenever you feel like it

8:55, baby is asleep. 9:05, I’m asleep. #noregrets


Ok, the ice cream could fall under this one too, but we have PLENTY of traditions to uphold every time we go camping, especially since we’ve been camping at the same place for pretty much my entire life. Sure, Scott, C and I wussed out this year and rented a cabin, but we still tried to uphold as many traditions as we could, such as singing “Going Camping” from the Muppets’ Rocky Mountain Holiday as we start our vacation, walking down the pier (even if we had to do it in the rain on the last full day), and going through all the little shops in town. Ok, I try to uphold these traditions, and Scott tries to put up with me.

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