Things I’m Loving Friday #7

We are packing up… again… this weekend. This time, we’re just gone for a couple days for Scott’s brother’s wedding. If you ignore the fact it will be 37C/99F on Friday, feeling like 43C/109F as we set up for the wedding, and only slightly cooler on Saturday for the outdoor ceremony; the fact I don’t have an itemized itinerary for my control freak ways; the fear of having C stay overnight in a hotel (with people on the other side of the wall to hear her scream) for the first time, I’m looking forward to it. But it was a busy week after coming back from holidays and then gearing up for this… plus my mother’s birthday… plus all the usual stuff!

Playing with the “big kids”

My sister asked me to come over to help her get ready for our mom’s birthday barbecue, but I ended up just playing with her kids. It’d been a while since I actually got down and played right with them for longer than just one of C’s naps. Hopefully that meant they were out of her hair?


C and I have a new game every week it seems. The other week, she was BIG into hide and seek (she would crawl to a corner, and then check to see if I followed her). This week, we’ve been working on “above” and “below,” with games where I pretend I’m an animal jumping whenever she goes into the playpen, or she’s in her crib after her nap. She giggles so hard she falls down.


My mom’s birthday was this week. My dad’s is next week. Scott’s is the following week. C’s is less than a month after that. I could either spend the entire remainder of my mat leave at the mall, or order presents from my phone as I hold a sleeping baby.

Sling Rings

Some days the only way to get cuddles from C is to tie her to me. I grabbed some sling rings to try with my woven wraps and discovered that while they are more convenient to use than slip knots, they are also fabulous for entertaining C. Chew toys? Musical instruments? Throwing rings? No end of amusement for her.

Short Weeks

C is definitely enamoured with her daddy, and he’s not half bad in my books either. She and I have really hit our stride being just the two of us 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, but life is so much more fun when we’re all together.

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving Friday #7

  1. Thank you for the supportive blog-comment, Cara. I appreciate your kindness. I was having a moment of weakness due to insecurity from looking older than I thought I am.

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