Things I’m loving Friday #8

I had to ask Scott this morning what day of the week it was when he left. It’s been a busy busy week after a busy busy weekend.

Chimparoo Trek

Eight weeks in and I fear I’m repeating myself with some babywearing type entry but this carrier saved my butt on Monday. We have stroller fitness Mondays but after the weekend we had with Scott’s brother’s wedding C and I were tired and grouchy when we showed up at the park. Twenty minutes in and C had enough of the stroller so she went up on my back in the Trek and soon was giggling like crazy being a part of my (modified) workout.

IMG_4174Fluffy-ish Vegan-ish Cupcakes

We’re three weeks from C’s birthday and still on the “no egg” diet so I’ve been taking advantage of other people’s birthdays to test cake recipes. While most vegan cakes are still delicious, they are usually very dense and I like my cakes fluffy. And you know what makes cakes fluffy? Egg. But finally, this is the closest recipe I’ve found! (But I totally use butter and milk instead of vegan alternatives)

New Cellphone

Despite having decided that I wasn’t getting a new phone until October when the iPhone 6 would drop in price, I had to scramble after my iPhone 4S dropped into the sink. A very long, expensive trip to the phone store later, I have a much more reliable phone. The only problem (besides the credit card bill I racked up there) is that the screen on the 6 (not even the 6 Plus) is too big for my little hands.


C and I could eat a pint between ourselves in mere minutes if we didn’t have that whole “eat a balanced meal” thing to deal with. I think every time we set foot in the grocery store, we come home with another clamshell of them.

This Outfit

C received this as a gift from her great-aunt and uncle, and I’m so excited she’s finally big enough for it. It’s kind of scary to think that in 3 weeks, I’m going to have to switch from planning cute outfits for her, to professional outfits for me. I’ve checked out of fashion for the last 12+ months. I have no idea what’s in style for anyone over the age of 3! Do you think they make this in my size?

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2 thoughts on “Things I’m loving Friday #8

  1. yay babywearing!! I’m going to have to look into that carrier! It’s so funny how much babies love being worn (and thank god for that!).
    You mentioned in your comment that you were looking for back to work clothes, check out Alison Lumbatis blog “Get Your Pretty On” she recently did a post about work clothes.

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