Things I’m Loving Friday #9

Guys, it’s raining. My baby woke up in the middle of the night, and then decided morning started almost an hour early. Considering I’ve been getting 9 hours of sleep a night, and still being exhausted, I’m feeling like a zombie right now. Things I’m loving? My bed. Sleep. And I would say coffee, but my miraculous ability to process caffeine seems to have disappeared as quickly as it appeared. But let’s try this.

Double Hammocks

I had a conversation with my sister about the best carrier for her upcoming trip to Disney World. She wanted to try one of my wraps, and I thought she was crazy. I mean, she has a Boba. Four clicks and she’s on her way! After a couple weeks with it, she agreed that a SSC (soft-structured carrier) was the way to go and that yes, people must be crazy who say wovens are better than SSCs. Last night when I had my long wrap back, I decided to try one of the most popular back carries, the double hammock. Yup, that carry is precisely why people say wraps are better than SSCs. Even with a messy, poorly tightened wrap job, it was the most comfortable C has ever felt on my back. 20947916161_071f0db6fa_zThose First Steps

As much time as C spends on my back, she does get quite the amount of free wandering time and that paid off earlier this week. While she refuses to replicate it, C took her first 3 steps going from my arms to Scott’s. While not as heartmelting as the first smile, or the first words, it was pretty epic.

President’s Choice Organics Baby Food Pack

I like to make most of C’s food to make sure what she’s eating is going to do more good than bad, in terms of her allergies, her overall health, and my bank account. That being said, she’s also at that stage where she’s starting to get picky about what she eats, particularly as teeth decide to come in. There is nothing worse than going on a picnic and having her suddenly decide that she is no longer a fan of peas, won’t look twice at that potato and heaven forbid you offer her chicken. I keep a food pack in the diaper bag at all times and will throw an extra in the cooler “just in case”. Most times, we don’t need it but there have been times when it’s come in handy.


Remember how I just complained that I couldn’t ingest caffeine? I suppose more specifically, I can’t ingest coffee without getting the jitters.  Coke is my only saving grace right now. I know, it’s terrible for me and it’s more likely the sugar giving my body the push it needs to get through the day, but I’ve been trying to only drink it as necessary.


I have a rule: I can’t go up to a cabin or out on a camping trip without Twizzlers. Despite being a beach yesterday (St. Malo) and a beach today (Matlock), we are going up to the cabin for the weekend and I’ve already stocked up on Twizzlers.

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