Things I’m Loving Friday #10

Starting this post just a little after 1am because suddenly my child is forgetting that “through the night” means “the best thing ever.” She goes back down fairly easily but me? Not so much.


With anywhere from 35,000 to 100,000 lakes (the Internet is contradictory) in my home province and countless others just across the borders, day trips to the lake happen, apparently, often around here! Last Thursday, we went to St Malo. Friday, Matlock (Lake Winnipeg). Saturday, we drove out to my in-laws cabin at Lake of the Woods. Time disappears when you’re in the water. Plus, seeing a baby fall asleep on a boat is pretty cute.


Starbucks in walking distance

Whatever magic baby hormones that made my knees and hips not hurt and allowed me to ingest caffeine like a normal person have now left my system. I’m back down to being a “one cup a week” coffee drinker. And if I need that one cup, it better be good. Hello Starbucks! I love that the nearest one is in walking distance and located conveniently in our nearest grocery store so I can get bread, apples and Starbucks without having to load and unload the kid 100 times. 

Finding the right paint colour in one try

Ok, I may have picked up a few dozen different shades of grey in that one try but there was clearly a standout colour for our kitchen that goes perfectly with everything… The adjacent rooms, the cupboard and the appliances. It’s not a perfect fit with the flooring but it’s good enough.

C’s Birthday Gift

You remember point one from today? All those beaches? The one thing missing was a wagon. While we know we have to upgrade our car before next summer (we can either fit a tent or a toddler in our car but not both), we are trying to avoid the minivan so we had to be pragmatic in wagon choices. We bought C this collapsible wagon off Amazon and were hesitant since it’s not technically designed for kids. But it arrived and it blew our minds. They thought of every detail, like a self-storing pocket for the canopy, with rails that slide out of the frame, rather than needing to be attached and special little places to lock the handle upright (when fully set up) or down (when collapsed so it’s self standing). The only thing that would have been nice was locks for the all-terrain wheels that don’t feel so nice rolling over toes. 


Oh my goodness, I love that my child naps. Sure, not perfectly, and not all the time, but those times that we get a good nap in, it’s proof there is a deity above looking out for me. While C may have settled relatively easily at 1 last night, a thunderstorm kept me from falling back asleep easily. And once I did fall asleep, the thunder made for terrifying sound effects for nightmares, which naturally lead to me having to walk down the hallway and check to make sure that C hadn’t been shot to death, and that the whole front of my house was not riddled with bullet holes. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. I planned my Starbucks/Grocery trip for right before nap time so I could sit with my coffee and stare mindlessly into a computer screen for at least 5 uninterrupted minutes. It’s totally the highlight of my day.

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3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Friday #10

  1. I wish both my kids would nap at the same time, that would be mommy bliss!
    that wagon looks awesome!

  2. Oh wow… If I could walk to Starbucks all bets would be off!! I’d go more than once a day haha.

  3. I’m thankful that save for this weekend, my child still naps a nice amount in the afternoons! Naps are awesome! That wagon looks really cool, I might have to look into it a bit more!

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