Things I’m Loving Friday #11

There was a lot of good this week, possibly because I was actively trying savour every moment. That, of course, doesn’t mean that some of these aren’t trivial.

Online Shopping

I needed to buy a computer monitor, a lunch bag, new clothes and shoes for work, and cake icing tools without spending my whole day in traffic. Thank you internet (and UPS). Seeing family

For the first time in, I figure, 8 years all of my dad’s brothers were in the same place at the same time. Since they’re spread all the way south to Maryland and all the way north to Yukon, it usually takes a lot of finagling to get it into place, but it sounds like last weekend, it came together serendipitously.

Baby High Tops

C is in that weird stage where she can’t walk well enough to justify real shoes, but it’s getting too cold for just socks on some morning walks. Plus, socks get dirty so quickly outside. So I bought C some cute little high tops mostly for show. Too cute.

Kisses from C

So yesterday afternoon, my entire life as a mother was taken to the next level. I’ve seen C walk. I’ve had kisses from C. But yesterday was the first time she walk over to me and gave me a kiss. It was a big. It was sloppy. It had much too much tongue for my liking, but it was one of those crystallizing moments where you know you’ve done something right.

Canadian Maternity Leave Rights

When C was 3 months old, I was ready to go back to work. I wanted to be able to accomplish something in the day that didn’t involve puke, pee or poop. Actually, scratch that. I would have loved to actually be able to puke, pee or poop without someone needing me. Working seemed to be the best option. But in Canada, between maternity leave and parental leave, we get a glorious 52 weeks. Now at 12 months, I don’t want to go back. While I feel like it might have been easier to go back at 3 months, I wouldn’t give up the whole 12 months for anything. As much as I don’t want to go back, I know after a few weeks, I’ll be getting into a good rhythm and I’ll appreciate being able to have a career and be a mother.

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving Friday #11

  1. I love online shopping… probably a little too much!
    I bought Annabelle the cutest pair of high tops and she won’t wear them 😦 breaks my heart

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