Things I’m Loving Friday #12

Guys, I made it through the week. I didn’t even cry at work once! While leaving was hard, I was surprised that the next hardest wasn’t being at work, it was the evenings. I spent the evenings racked with guilt about having been gone all day, and dread about having to leave again the next day. But the week wasn’t all bad! After all, we did have Little C’s birthday! So in honour of her, here is my Little C inspired list

Birthday Cake

I wasn’t convinced my egg-free cake was edible, so we bought a “back up” cake for the egg-eaters in the crowd. That meant on a week when all I wanted to do was eat my feelings, I could have some frosting with it too! And while she wasn’t into ice cream, Little C is all about the cake (egg-free version) too!


I didn’t want to go all crazy with decorations, so I limited myself to streamers and balloons. Balloons kept giving me cold sweats because of their choking hazards, but the streamers were quick and easy to use and added wonderful pops of colour.

Seeing Change

After taking a picture of C every month in the same spot, I printed them all, and hung them on the wall. Every time I walked passed (because, let’s face it, undecorating is less fun than decorating), it made me smile. And C, well, she’s still in her wonderfully vain phase and loved it too.

Welcome Home Waves

It used to be when I came home from the grocery store, or a haircut, C would barely look up from where she was playing. Each day this week, her smiles and waves have increased significantly when she sees me walk in. She seems to be a fan of it too.


Whether it’s being away all day, or her 1 year old shots, I actually got to cuddle my little girl for almost 10 minutes on the couch. It was pretty great. Usually I’m lucky if I get 2 minutes. She even voluntarily snuggled in!

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving Friday #12

  1. snuggles are the best! So is cake for that matter lol

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