Things I’m Loving Friday #14

We made it to Friday. I know every week it will eventually happen but some weeks are longer than others, right?

Vacation days

Yes, three weeks in and I’m already taking a vacation day. I have two reasons: 1 – I miscalculated my holidays and ended up with more days than I expected and less time to take them, so if I don’t use them, I lose them. And 2 – I miss C so much this week. The first two weeks were insanely busy, and I barely had time to miss my little one. Plus, she still was in the “honeymoon” phase of getting to hang out with Nana and Bompa all the time. This week, work slowed down, and became less urgent, so I no longer have lots of distractions and that feeling like I’m doing something that matters. C has also started to realize that we’ve changed up her routine, and she alternates between clinging to me for dear life because she misses me, and pushing me away because she’s angry with me in the evenings. I feel like she and I need a day of “normal,” even though we need to adjust to the “new normal,” just to rebuild our relationship, and to be able to make it through another week.


I “sinked” my phone in August, and got the iPhone 6 and while it isn’t LOVE (it’s just too big for my little hands! And I didn’t even get the 6 Plus!) my 4S wasn’t reliable any more. Scott finally put aside his hatred of Apple long enough to get the 6 last weekend, since his Android was sketchy-town too, so it opens up a lot of new options for us (Family sharing! iMessage!). But the iPhone win of the week? Yesterday, as I was struggling to get through the day, my dad sent a picture of my little C, eating lunch. As much as it would make me feel more needed if she fussed a bit more when I leaved, or seemed more excited when I came home, it’s nice knowing she’s completely at ease when I’m away.

Lazy Saturdays

Last weekend, C slept a relatively uncharacteristic 3 hours. I was expecting about an hour. Needless to say, nothing got accomplished. And it was perfect.

Having all the laundry done

Nothing makes me angrier than laundry. But nothing makes me very happy like having all the laundry folded and put away. I’d say “it’s a small thing” but laundry is usually a feat best accomplished by someone other than me 🙂

My mom’s homemade perogies.

Thursday, my bus didn’t show up, so I took another to my parents’ and sent Scott a text to wait there for me. He didn’t get the text, because he was stuck in traffic on the way there. We arrived at almost the same time, and since it was already 5:30, we were invited to stay for supper… perogies! Very delicious and definitely worth all the hassle to get there!

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