Things I’m Loving Friday #15

It turns out that taking a Friday off makes leaving little C THAT much harder on Monday. But let’s look at the bright size.

Car seat to crib transfers

C falls asleep a couple times in the car during our adventures last Friday, and while I’m used to her being in her infant seat, which I could bring into the house and take her out of it right by the crib, we’re getting the hang of taking her out of the convertible carseat in the garage and getting her into her crib with little or no fuss.

The Mindy Project

We live in a hulu-less country, but one of our tv channels puts The Mindy Project on their website the day after its Hulu debut (it will also air on their tv channel in November). It means I see the best lines from the show on Twitter before I can watch the show, but it’s the best show to watch on those days when the bus is too slow, and I need a distraction to ignore how long its taking to get home.

Being back at the gym

I don’t know whether it was seeing my gym buddies again (and the “you don’t even look like you had a baby!” because, seriously, sometimes I need people stroking my ego), or the ability to actually complete a full (albeit short) work out without someone climbing up your leg, crying, or putting sticks in their mouth, but the highlight of my week was the gym. My muscles don’t agree. Hence the next item


Post-pregnancy workouts were awesome because while most people still have all those hormones in their system that make their joints all loosy-goosey, it meant that my joints finally didn’t hate me. But somewhere between 10 and 13 months postpartum, those hormones left my system and between the IT band being tight, and my piriformis feeling like I have a knife jabbing into my butt, if I’m not stretching and foam rolling after the gym, I’m in agony. Heck, even when I have stretched after the gym, the next day I’m in agony until I can stretch again (and let me tell you the downfall to being back at work: people think you’re strange when you lie on the floor behind your desk and pull your knee up to your chest).

The idea of yoga

I’m needing some zen in my life. I haven’t found the time to do yoga yet, but C’s bedtime is creeping earlier and while that means less time with her, it also means less time fighting with her to go to bed, so I’m starting to get some “me” time at the end of the day. I’m hoping to keep this idea of yoga in my head long enough to start a program I’ll like. I’ve heard good things about Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga. Any recommendations?

And apparently that’s 5! For all you Canadians out there, have a great Thanksgiving!

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4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Friday #15

  1. LOVE yoga!! it’s my fav, though no time for it right now (despite needing some zen like crazy!).
    I also love carseat to bed transfers. when they work lol

  2. Love The Mindy Project! HOW are you getting it in Canada?? Also love yoga. I tend to prefer going to a class because I feel like I commit to it more and get into the right head space if I go elsewhere but when I can’t afford it, I just pick a YouTube video and follow that instead. Vinyasa/flow yoga is my jam!

    • CityTV carries it on their website / iPhone app. You may have to be a cable subscriber — I’m not sure. Scott’s obsession with all things Winnipeg Jets meant getting either cable or season tickets. Guess which is more expensive and more time consuming!?! (Ok, honestly, I can’t answer that one…)

  3. Ermergerd! It’s there! Must tell Christian! We got hooked on that show just as they moved it to Hulu.

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