Things I’m Loving #16

Oh my goodness this week flew by! If you have asked me Monday night, I would have figured that the week would creep by.

Impromptu dates

While my parents get to look after C all week while I’m at work, Scott’s parents don’t get nearly enough time with her, living 2-3 hours away. When we arrived at their place for Thanksgiving, they practically pushed us out the door the minute we arrived for some quality time with their grandchild. We barely paused before sprinted to the car. Plus it was nice enough to have a few drinks on a patio.

Smooth Car Rides

A couple weeks ago, we drove to a family gathering with my parents. C barely slept in the car, which was unexpected. Fortunately, it was just circumstantial (there were people she had to entertain!) but driving to Scott’s parents this weekend guaranteed great car naps. Boredom for the win!

This guy

We’ve been having some weeks when it feels like everything is coming apart at the seams. He’s held my hand as I’ve bawled my eyes out at the thought of going to work, even though he gets roughly the same amount of time with her as I do and has the difficult task of having to take her at “daycare”. He’s made supper and done dishes on the days I come home exhausted, even though his work day has been just as, if not more, tiring. And he gets up with C in the middle of the night even if he’s stayed up late getting some extra work done. And he never complains.

Finishing the basement bathroom

18 months, a dozen people and countless delays after the first sledgehammer hit wallboard, we are done the basement bathroom. There are minor things left to do outside (a bit of trim, a bit of paint and a couple shelves) but we have a wonderful new bathroom. I’m super pleased with how it came together, even if Scott did admit his folly of taking on a project of this scale at such a transitionary time in our life.



C is slowly adjusting her bedtime to her earlier wake time, and as a result, we’re getting less and less evenings with her. We’re learning it’s about prioritizing. It’s ok to make a mess having fun rather than clean it up. It’s ok to spend the evening throwing socks up in the air, pulling shirts out of drawers, and wearing pants on our head instead of putting away laundry. And so we decided it’s ok to vote at the advanced poles on a (windy but) lazy Thanksgiving Monday rather than waiting a week to rush home from work and rush through supper in order to narrowly make it to the polls on Election day.


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